Characteristics of the OLIVER MODEL 600

  • 700 kg base guarantees vibration-free work with positive grinding results
  • Perfect finish thanks to short and rigid tool mount even at heaving in-feed
  • Typical Oliver-point with increasing clearance angle from circumference to the chisel edge withe extension option independent of the position of the chisel edge
  • The chisel edge produced is highly self-centring, permits high in-feeds simultaneous with low cutting forces
  • Low blade stroke produces bores with tight tolerances

The typical Oliver-point has an increasing clearance angle from the circumference to the chisel edge that can be modified independently of the position of the chisel edge. The chisel edge created is highly self-centring and permits high in-feeds simultaneous with low cutting forces. A low blade stroke produces bores with tight tolerances.

Equipment for the spiral drill grinder OLIVER MODELL 600


  • 9" x 2" x 5"-grinding disc steel backing, a diamond truing tool and a clamping chuck key
  • Water-tight halogen work lamp
  • Separate tank and motor pump with splash protector and pipes for cooling the grinding range
  • Automatic in-feed system (connection to compressed air system with 60 lbs. pressure required)
  • Open ball-bearing motor: 2 PS, 380 Volt, three-phase, 50 Hz
  • Allen-Bradley IEC-motor starter combination type 3/4/12 circuit breaker and transformer 
  • Metric in-feed scale (No. 6312)
  • Allen screws for clamping chuck jaws
  • Allen wrench set for removing the Allen screws
Point angle 80° - 160°
Tool types Spiral drill, spiral countersink, 2, 3, 4
Blades, clockwise cutting
Tool mount Stable, adjustable precision-clamping chuck clamping prisms
Counter holder With 2 double guide shafts and centring point for exact tool concentricity
Grinding range 13.0 - 76.0 mm (Option: 80 mm)
Max. tool length 710 mm
Grinding disc 9" x 2" x 5" (228.6 x 50.8 x 127 mm)
In-feed min. 0.010"/min => 0.25 mm/min
min. 0.100"/min => 2.54 mm/min
hydro-pneumatic, air connection of 6 bar required
Electrical equipment 1.5 KW 380V 50 Hz 3/N/pe
Coolant pump 0.25 KW
380 V 50 Hz
Coolant Approximately 30l
Dimensions (WxHxL) 1.4 m x 1.7 m x 1 m
Weight 700 kg