Proper drill bit grinding

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What types of drill bits are there?

There are various types of drill bits, which usually differ in terms of their application. The HSS drill bit with a stepped shank or Morse taper adapter is suitable for use with metal, just like the solid carbide drill bit with these properties. Drill bits with a centering point are a good choice for wood and thin sheets. Drill bits with a soldered carbide tip are used for particularly hard materials such as stone and concrete. These use a SDS adapter for hammer drills.

What material is used to make a drill bit?

Solid carbide is used for drill bits so that they can withstand harder materials. The "high-speed steel" HSS drill bits are even more effective. Both versions can be uncoated or coated.

Which grinding materials are used for drill bit grinding?

The material for the grinding wheel used depends on what the drill bit is made of. CBN grinding wheels are used for HSS drill bits and diamond grinding wheels are used for solid carbide drill bits.

What do I use for drill bit grinding?

There are various grinding machines and methods available for drill bit grinding. However, don't confuse these tools with a simple, inexpensive drill bit sharpening tool. There is a difference in how drill bits are used in the trades and industry. In the trades, simple through bore-holes are often what's required and the drill bit can be machined with a drill bit sharpener. You can see the Drill Doctor in action here:


For industrial applications, the processes have other requirements, i.e. dimensional accuracy and repeat prevision. This is taken care of with a proper grinding machine. Here we show the large machines that are important for manufacturing and tool cribs, e.g. the DAREX XT-3000:

  • A drill bit grinder grinds the bit via a changeable collet chuck system.
  • Another alternative machine for drill bit grinding uses a variable chuck.
  • When you grind a spiral drill bit, a fixture is mounted in front of the grinding wheel.
  • Those who forgo a machine entirely for drill bit grinding, keeping it traditional, can use a bench grinder with a practiced hand.

What needs to be taken into account for drill bit grinding?

The type of grind needs to be determined first. There is the standard grind, the so-called conical grind and the multi-area grind, all with different cutting edge variants.

Then you have to consider the drill bit point angle. A 118° angle is standard and is used for most applications. Anything above or below the 118° point angle is used for special applications. Regardless of whether it's plastic or special steels, almost all materials to be drilled can be processed with a suitable point angle and flute angle.


Can you grind countersinks and step drills?

The Darex DAREX XT-3000 drill bit grinder can also be used to sharpen and grind special tools via options. Countersinks with an unequal distribution, which ensures smooth operation, are very popular. We can also help with this, take a look here:


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