BW diamond grinding discs

The following characteristics distinguish BW diamond grinding discs

  • Available in grains K100 and K220
  • Useable on all conventional double grinders
  • Ideal for coarse pre-grinding on chipped tools made of case-hardened metal
  • High removal rate with low heat accumulation
  • Reduces costs through shorter grinding times
  • Absolute form stability, no truing necessary
  • Rapid amortisation through outstanding durability
  • Locating bore: 16.0 mm, 20.0 mm, 32.0 mm

  • External diameter
    152.0 mm
  • Width
    25.0 mm
  • Locating bore
    16.0; 20.0 and 32.0 mm
  • Max. rotation speed
    3600 rpm

We have the following BW diamond grinding discs in stock

  • Art. No.: 35168: grain 100, bore 32 mm
  • Art. No.: 35170: grain 220, bore 32 mm



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