The fully synthetic high-output oil spray BW 300 is a top product for many areas of application and is perfectly suitable for the following machines and tools and areas of use


  • For the care of machines, spindles and guides
  • For the care and corrosion protection of high-grade tools, tool machines, apparatus as well as tool and mould making
  • For care of measurement machines and measurement devices (micrometer, calliper, gauge)
  • For cleaning and caring for weapons
  • For the maintenance and lubrication of bakery and meat cutting machines
  • For loosening locked and rusted parts
  • For lubricating and caring for door cylinders, hinges, rolling shutters, chain drives, rolling shutter guides, lawnmowers, hedge clippers, ignition distributors, etc.
  • For caring for hinges, seals, antennas, pedal joints, windshield wipers, bicycle chains, Bowden cables and wheel bearings
  • For paint care and preservation