Characteristics of the DAREX XPS 16+ CNC spiral drill grinder


  • Simple and transparent programming using „touchscreen-input" in an easily comprehensible display
  • Optionally with conical grinding or surface grinding
  • Continuous adjustment of point angle from 90°–150° in 1° increments
  • Correction of the chisel edge position over the ADV setting without changing the relief grinding
  • Adjusting the relief grinding from 0–18°
  • All important functions in the point geometry can be corrected if necessary (e.g.: Z+X axis, opening angle, web width, radius-edge reduction)
  • Positioning of the drill using sensor light technology which guarantees precision of repetition
  • Coordinated grinding disc stock for the highest demands and durability and surface
  • 2Automatic brushing process for rounding off edges on the carbide spiral drill
  • 24 saveable settings for creating an individual file

Equipment for the DAREX XPS 16+ CNC spiral drill grinder

  • Precision-clamping chuck with 6 clamping pins

  • CBN-grinding disc, metal mounting
    Diameter 115 mm, grain 180
    Art. No.: 35145

  • DIA-Grinding disc, metal mounted
    Diameter 115 mm, grain 220
    Art. No.: 35139

  • Extraction plant (also suitable for case-hardened steel grinding dust)
    Art. Nr.: 46017

  • Extensive Handbook, German
    Art. No.: 14809
Drill types 2-edge spiral drill made of carbide and CH steel
Point geometries Conical and surface grinding
Point angle 90° - 150° (increasing at 1° intervals)
Diameter 2.3 – 16.0 mm
Total length 50 - 220 mm
Grinding discs CBN-grain 180/Diam. 115 mm<br>(incl. Art. No. 46014)
DIA-grain 220/Diam. 115 mm<br>(incl. Art. No. 46014 and 46011)
Relief grinding 2° – 18° (increasing in 1° intervals)
Point variants Sharp-edged or with radius
Ablation Fine, medium, coarse
Memory storage For 100 specific geometries
Rotation speed 2,850 r/min
Voltage 230 Volt / 50 Hz / 4 Amp.
  • CBN-grinding discs, metal mounted
    Art.-No.: 35143 K130
    Art.-No.: 35145 K180
    Art.-No.: 35148 K220
  • CBN-grinding discs, artificial resin mounted
    Art.-No.: 35180 K220
  • DIA-grinding discs, metal mounted
    Art.-No.: 35147 K130
    Art.-No.: 35144 K180
    Art.-No.: 35139 K220
  • Brush for edge rounding on case-hardened spiral drills
    Art.-No.: 46010
  • U-disc with 3 bolts for brush mounting (46014)
    Art.-No.: 46013

  • Extraction plant (also for case-hardened metal dust)

      Art.-No.: 46015

    • Base cabinet 
      Art.-No.: 29725
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